Manual/Automated Testing

Manual/Automated Software Testing: Meet Your Ever-Changing Business Needs

We Have Hands-On Experience In Software Testing For Various Industries From Different Verticals .

Manual Testing

Outsource Manual Testing Services: Kill The Bugs Before They Kill Your Business

As the name suggests, Manual testing is the stringent method of testing software, mobile applications and websites without using any automated tools to find out the bugs before delivering it in the market. It is a preliminary stage of testing where a tester gets into the shoes of the end user while testing in a real-time environment to ensure seamless functioning of the application or a software. Furthermore, manual testing has a strong dominance over the automated testing and this may be the reason why manual testing requires human wit to remove all the possibilities of unexpected bugs coming up in the later stage. Unlike automated testing, it is a tiresome job which consumes a lot of time to closely monitor every stages of testing.

Benefits of Manual Testing You Should Know

  • Better Usability Testing
  • Identify non testable requirements
  • Better Understanding of the Functionality
  • Detect possible defects or unexpected bugs in the early stage
  • Better graphical user interface (GUI) testing

At Impressico Business Solutions, our professionally trained engineers are always geared to employ best practices and proprietary methodologies to detect the bugs and defects in the early stage. With over 15 years of experience, we have served across various industry verticals. Furthermore, being a CMMi Level 3 company, we ensure that our manual testing services meet all the standards and keep the end users happy by providing bug free applications or software.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing Services: Need Of The Hour For Software Organizations

With the rising need to accelerate the development process, software companies are seen anxious and started looking for agile approaches & best practices to deliver optimum quality products to their customers in the shortest possible time frame. Fortunately, Impressico’s Automated Testing Services have been proved as a blessing in disguise to those who are struggling to provide an outstanding value to their customers while cutting costs by up to 40%. At Impressico Business Solutions, our squad of engineers are backed by more than a decade year of experience in automated testing which enable them to cope with necessary speed to optimize development workflows, dramatically reduce time to market and radically improve end-product quality. In nutshell, our unparalleled automated testing services not only accelerate the speed & productivity but also reduce the release and deployment cycle.

Benefits of Automated Testing Services:

  • Quality applications at competitive prices
  • Unlike manual testing, automated testing rules out human error and ensures precision and high accuracy.
  • Faster time to market by reducing test time by up to 20%
  • Optimized resource usage
  • Reduce cost on regression testing: Every time software code is modified, it may break things.To ensure optimum quality, periodic regression testing is required. Automated testing allows you to run test as many times as required without need to pay again and again like in manual testing.

Being a CMMi Level 3 company, Impressico has served seamless automated testing services to global clients across various industry verticals. Browse our portfolio today to take a glimpse on our projects and comprehensive array of testing services offered by us.