Application Integration Services

Is Your Enterprise Using Too Many Independent Applications?

We all talk about monolithic software being bulky and hard to manage. However, there are some companies that neither use monolithic software nor micro services. They use different software for different purposes. So, for example, a company might have separate HR software, separate inventory management software and separate accounting software.

The problem with using different software for different purposes is the fact that these software solutions do not talk to each other. Hence, the business process gets choppy. Business data doesn’t get transferred from one software to the other seamlessly. This is where application integration comes in. It is possible to integrate disparate software with the help of either middleware or specialized code. The software won’t become micro services overnight, but at least they get connected to each other minimizing back and forth between various departments in an organization.

Impressico provides enterprise application integration services – both through customized codes and middleware. Our engineers are skilled in handling tools like Red Hat Middleware or AWS Application Integration, providing your organization with a connected experience.

Application Integration Services

Keep Your Applications Independent, yet Integrated

Application Integration Services

Let Your Decoupled Applications Talk To Each Other

Decoupling is the first step towards saying goodbye to monolithic architecture. However, decoupled applications need to get data from one another to work together. Otherwise, the organization runs the risk of operating in a siloed manner. It is through middleware like AWS Application Integration that decoupled applications can work together. We at Impressico are the proponents of agile work culture. With application integration services, we’ll be helping your organization embrace the agile culture.

Application Integration- The First Step Towards Microservices

You can’t just wake up one day and decide to use microservices in your organization. It is a complex process and requires a thorough overhaul of your legacy applications. There is a high chance of disruption in day to day business operations.
This is why Impressico suggests decoupling applications first. Once the applications are decoupled, let them stay connected with each other via application integration middleware. Once you start creating components for microservice-based applications, we can gradually lower the usage of decoupled applications and shift to microservices. Today, in 2022, the main work of the application integration service is to provide support for your decoupled applications during the creation of microservices.


Top Three Benefits of Application Integration

Independent Components

Your monolithic application has a lot of components. When you break down your application to decouple the components, they become independent. Once they are connected with application integration services, they start working together. However, these components don’t depend on one another for their ‘health’. This means that when one component fails, the failing component does not bring down the entire application. Other components work just fine.

Seamless Information Transfer

An organisation has to deal with many types of information. The work and data of one department will affect the work and data of another department. For example, the sales data of the sales department will obviously affect the data of the accounting department. With Application Integration Service, this data can travel from one department to another seamlessly with minimal manual intervention.

No Code/ Low Code

One of the best features of application integration services is the fact that you can orchestrate the integration all by yourself without the hassles of coding. Partner with Impressico, and we’ll show you how you can leverage various middleware like Red Hat Middleware to orchestrate application integration. Once we train your staff, your team can independently carry on the process.

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