A unique customer experience being the core of Digital Transformation, brick and mortar way of banking has been replaced by digital way of banking. Many of the financial companies have taken the route of investing in fintech startups or partnering with them.

Due to the advent of next gen technologies like Blockchain, BigData Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and fintechs leading the digital revolution in banking, it has become imperative for financial organizations to adapt to these changing technological trends.

Fintech will continue to undergo innovation,and focus towards providing a secure and unique experience to its customers.

Impressico understands these challenges, and has the expertise to help fintech companies and financial organizations by providing services catered to their needs.

Our Fintech Success Stories

Seamless E2E Lending

Software Quality Assurance to Facilitate Seamless E2E Lending
Industry: FinTech

Microservice Platform

Expedited time to market & customer onboarding, improved user experience through a Microservices Platform
Industry: FinTech

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