Integration Services

Reduce Operation Cost and Enhance ROI with Integration Services

Businesses do not exist in silos. Whether large or small, every business today needs to share data, and make applications work with each other – whether in the cloud, or on-premise, or in a hybrid model. Application and data integration is now the prerequisites to deliver modern customer experiences and services.

Integrations – both internal and external, have become the key building blocks of digital transformation strategies. They are growing in complexity as applications strive to provide a real-time experience across multiple touchpoints involving customer, internal and third party services.

Impressico offers a variety of enterprise integration services with its team of architects, engineers and testers, backed by years of experience at developing complex applications that co-exist in enterprise IT environments.

Data Integration Services

Traditionally, one team manages an integration technology for an entire enterprise, but as applications are becoming more complex, there are new challenges for enterprise integration practices. Applications are now distributed and must scale and change rapidly to keep pace with business needs. Impressico recommends that such challenges require an iterative approach best tackled by multidisciplinary agile teams – using digital innovation through agile integration.

Data Integration

Data integration products should be platform-independent. They should also have the capacity to integrate data regardless of frequency, protocols and business rules. A large volume of data existing in a variety of formats can be of great value to the business, but first, it must be integrated from multiple sources or applications. As a service provider, Impressico supports a growing number of data integration technologies for customers. Our agile teams have the knowledge to not just provide innovative data integration but also to support your enterprise strategies to drive future growth.

API Integration

API integrations are used to enable processing through many high-performing businesses that keep data in sync, enhance productivity, and drive revenue. Additionally, it is the preferred way of maintaining a common source of truth across cloud-based, on-prem, and SaaS apps that are used in the enterprise. Impressico offers end-to-end enterprise API solutions and services to drive business results: increase efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce costs. We can help you with both out-of-the-box API integrations tools and platforms, or create a custom API integration framework for you and your team to solve challenges and use cases that are unique to you.

Enterprise App Integration

Impressico’s experience at EAI includes technologies, tooling, and framework that implements real-time, message-based integration between apps. Organizational ecosystems comprise a large number of technologies, applications and packaged software products. Multiple IT systems can create pointless complexities and redundancies within the IT landscape which hinders the automation of even the simplest of processes. Impressico’s Enterprise App Integration Solutions provide efficient methodologies to integrate heterogeneous enterprise IT landscapes using Enterprise Service Bus or custom built Asynchronous messaging systems.

SaaS Platform Integration

Impressico has extensive experience in developing apps that integrate with established SaaS offerings for providing integrated, richer user experience, without creating data redundancies. Our SaaS integration services enable businesses to combine their cloud applications and on-premises data systems, without creating data governance issues. This in turn provides businesses wider user access and visibility into their data as well as additional flexibility and scalability. Impressico has delivered SaaS integration services that integrate with the following leading products/ platforms – Salesforce, WordPress, JIRA, Stripe, and other payment services, YouTube, and similar media services to name a few.

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