CPG Retail

The retail and consumer goods industries will change more in the next 10 years than they have over the past 40. One primary force is responsible—digitalization. And it has already begun to help companies around the globe make their business strategies a reality.

While some mainstream brands may have lost ground to insurgent competitors, tomorrow’s winners are heeding the digital call and seizing competitive advantage. Many Retail CPG companies have chosen Impressico as their digital transformation consulting partner. They value our expertise in the latest technologies such as Cloud, Internet of Things, BigData Analytics and have helped them in legacy modernization thereby enhancing the digital experience for their customers. Impressico offered digital solutions well-suited for consumer goods companies, as well as software and services focused on the cloud, mobile, social media and analytics.

CPG Retail Success Stories


Cloud Platform for Smart Home Solutions
Industry: Consumer Goods, Retail and Electronics


Product Engineering: Multi-platform App for Centralized Management of Display Panels
Industry: Consumer Goods, Retail and Electronics

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