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Digital Transformation in Sports And Leisure

Emerging technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are playing a critical role in defining the future of the sports fan experience and how the sports fan engages in real time. Technology is now an integral part of how fans consume sports. The digitization of sport and the fan experience has strengthened engagement, built brand value, and driven revenue growth. The impact that technology has had on sports is vast. Many processes are now easier and quicker, and the industry has seen an increase in attention and revenue because of it.

Impressico’s technology solutions provide functionality specifically designed to manage the challenges, sports and leisure clients face on a daily basis. With comprehensive management capabilities spanning all key business processes of the sports and leisure industry, Impressico’s technical capabilities have unlocked new business opportunities, helping its clients to stay one step ahead in a competitive marketplace.

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Mobile Application Development for a Major Sports League

Mobile Application Development for a Major Sports League
Industry: Sports & Leisure

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