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Impressico is a leading business analytics services provider, we turn your big data into insights mitigating guesswork, and helping you get actionable insights from your raw data, and make faster and better business decisions. Our clients rate us as one of the top business intelligence and data analytics consulting companies. As a top business intelligence solutions company, we help mitigate BI implementation challenges and avoid common business intelligence pitfalls, through our business intelligence solutions and unlock hidden business opportunities and insights for our clients.

We have been providing business intelligence and data analytics services that help business organizations uncover the most useful data and achieve their business goals.

Besides this, we specialize in data analytics and visualization services, providing turnkey IT solutions that cover data integration, data management, data quality assurance, data visualization, data warehousing and more.

Our expert team of data scientists and BI specialists with their strong domain knowledge and expertise have built highly accurate Machine Learning algorithms and high-tech dashboards which will help you define and manage your strategies, plans, budgets, etc. and augment profitability by providing precise, on-demand visibility to senior executives, making us one of the most reliable big data services company.

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Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence Capabilities

Business Intelligence Analytics

ETL Development

As a leading big data service providers, Impressico’s team has been designing end-to-end ETL systems that extract data from multiple source systems, enforce data quality and consistency standards, transform data so that disparate data can be used together, and finally deliver data in a format that allows storage in data warehouses or empower application developers to build applications and enable business users to make decisions.

SQL Server

Data Visualization

Visualization of data in place of tabular representation eases the absorption of information to draw insights for effective & faster decision making. We look at data visualization services both as an art and a science. Apart from the usual use cases around descriptive analytics, we have worked on several IoT or big data related use cases, for predictive and prescriptive analytics. We have helped organizations make better business decisions that optimize customer experience.

Data Visualization services
Ableau Services

Data Warehousing

As expert data analysis service providers, we understand the critical role that effective data engineering plays in supporting business intelligence applications. To effectively support business intelligence applications for reporting of measures/facts by dimensions over time, the historical data needs to be properly maintained. In order to achieve the same, effective implementation of Data Warehousing comes into play.

Herein, data is extracted from varied transactional sources and transformed and loaded into the DWH. Popular methods like SCD Type 2 are used to maintain the historical and current data information. The generated fact and dimensions through our data engineering service tables are then used for application development, analytics and reporting.

Microsoft SQL Server
ORACLE - Data Warehouse

Data Governance and Data Quality

Making sure that the incoming data is fit for the intended use is a foremost requirement for any data related project. Ensuring data quality involves maintaining data consistency that in turn requires data cleansing and the establishment of an enterprise data governance framework to enhance returns from investments in Business Intelligence.

Our business intelligence services are designed to help our clients optimize returns from their investments in data-related projects. We have been working with our customers to deliver tools, processes and applications towards these multiple goals.



To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us.

The data engineering refers to the superset of business intelligence and data warehousing that incorporates more aspects of software engineering.

The operation of so-called "big data" distributed systems, as well as ideas from the expanded Hadoop ecosystem, stream processing, and large-scale computation, are all integrated into this subject.

Data management, manipulation, and movement are the core concepts of data engineering.

Data engineering provides a single source of truth i.e. the Data Lake or Lake House for entire enterprise’s data. Data is no longer in separate systems/silos. The distributed processing of Big data allows faster retrieval of information for decision making. Using streaming data, one can ingest information in real time which is important for any corrective actions.

Data engineering is the new catalyst for forward-thinking companies to unleash the full potential of their whole business, enabling all of their business divisions to make data-driven choices and provide both current and potential consumers with individualized digital experiences.

If your Organization has multiple teams working separately on different sets of data which can lead to data discrepancy then you need a data lake or lake house for establishing the single source of truth for the entire organization.

If your Organization needs automation/orchestration/alerting/monitoring of data pipelines then data engineering is what you need.

If your business is facing problems with processing and storage of data, a skilled group of data engineers can help organize and optimize your company's data to provide valuable business insights.

Data Engineering provides clean,quality data which can be uses for decision making purpose in real time.
Data Engineering can collect, store, transform and classify data which can be served to the entire organization to analyze, visualize and predict outcomes.

Data engineering expedites the process of extracting useful information from a company’s data. This information helps in making more accurate and informed business decisions.

  • Determining the client's requirements
  • Creating an extremely flexible and effective data engineering architecture
  • Build the Data Engineering framework
  • Implement the Data Ingestion patterns
  • Store the data in optimized format
  • Process the data – transformations and metadata
  • Data quality validation and verification
  • Orchestrate the pipeline
  • Deploy the pipeline
  • Offering your firm data-driven and analytical solutions

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