Human Resources

Digital Transformation in Human Resources

Today, there is nothing as it was about 10 years ago. Technology has transformed not just businesses, machines and operations, but also the way people think and behave. The impact is really giant and, hence, there is a need to revolutionize the way we manage our people. Companies have begun to adopt a different approach and innovative way of managing talent. Human resources nowadays focus more on managing change and skills than just running operations.

A larger part of Human Resource Capabilities is the ability to embrace and manage the change- introducing new ideas, providing innovative tools and engaging employees in such a way that helps them put their learning into practice. The primary role of HR managers at any organizations is making deeper interventions for managing change and taking decisions around it.

Impressico has helped organizations automate many routine HR activities of the talent management cycle. HR managers use AI to shortlist the candidates who have required skills. It helps the HR team to focus on other more important tasks. We believe in revolutionizing HR operations through automation and application of technologies, thereby enabling the HR managers to focus more on managing the change.

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