Business Process Services

Business Process Services (BPS) help businesses get smooth access to non-core business processes and services. Our BPS help businesses get quality services with improved productivity and cost-effectiveness. At Impressico, we help businesses to operate, manage and deliver data processing, customer service and back-office functions.

We are a trusted leader with over 20 years of experience in offering effective business solutions. We help businesses scale up their operations by harnessing various technological advantages. With robust IT infrastructure and connectivity, we offer customized business solutions and continuity plans that assist companies in outsourcing their non-core functions. Businesses can save a lot on investing in technology and staffing by outsourcing their requirement to our BPS team.

Our Business Process Services (BPS) will take complete control of your processes – from Customer Service as well as Technical Support to Data Management and Billing & Invoicing, which contributes to streamlined business processes. Additionally, all BPS, such as Data Processing, Back-office Support, and Customer Experience, are designed to meet your specific needs and business objectives.

Business Process Services we offer:

Data Processing

All businesses generate massive chunks of data. Businesses must process that data to find the right extracts, critical information and trends. Through data processing and analysis, businesses can use them for growth and business improvement purposes. We at Impressico help businesses organize with quality data processing services. We process critical information automatically with our advanced automated systems for data processing.
We are providing data processing services for the below business types:

  • Market Research Companies
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Financial Services
  • Social Networking Websites
  • Retail Intelligence Companies
  • Insurance and multiple other sectors

Customer Service

Business Process Services are excellent options for business to outsource their customer service requirements. Without massive investment within the organization, businesses can outsource their entire customer support and service offerings. At Impressico, we deeply understand different technologies and processes with a vast talent pool. We deliver customized customer service to businesses to help them scale up their processes with quality and immediate support. It helps the businesses cut down their cost of the team and technical setup and thus they can focus on core business operation. Using the most relevant automation tools and a variety of technology, we deliver the best:

  • Chat support
  • Phone and Email support
  • After-Sales support
  • Social Media support
  • Customer Support services

Back-office Functions

We at Impressico Business Solutions are the BPS partners for entire back-office operations of organizations of all sizes and assist in outsourcing their entire back-office workload and focus on core competencies. Back-office function services at Impressico meet customized organizational demands in real time and are dedicated to improving businesses’ overall process.
Our back-office functions cover the below services:

  • Data Entry
  • Processing of Accounts
  • Web Content Management
  • Data Verification
  • Mediation
  • Graphic Design
  • Editing and Writing services
  • Accounting and Financial services
  • Quality Assurance services

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