Configuration Management

Automate System & Software Configuration

To Keep Them Secure & Efficient

Let’s face it: Managing the cloud-hosted IT infrastructure is too complicated. With everything- even the physical servers being abstracted and turned into codes, there are settings and configurations for literally every aspect of the business. It is extremely crucial that there is a systematic and documented way of configuring all these system settings. Improper system settings can not only lead to system conflicts, but it will open your workload to cyber attacks.

At Impressico, our certified cloud architects can help you maintain proper configurations of your servers, instances, storage, network, and other assets and software. We are well-versed in configuration management tools like Ansible or Puppet. Thus, you get an automated configuration management pipeline once you partner with us.

We understand configuration management is not just about tools- it’s a best practice. With Impressico, introduce in your organization the culture of documenting configurations and introducing modification in a controlled fashion.

Certified Cloud Architects

Keep Your IT Infrastructure Reliable and Secure With Automated Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Wholesome Planning of Configurations

Before going ahead with the configuration management, we must have a roadmap forward. At Impressico, we document and define the assets, environments, and software that require configuration management. After that, we map how various configuration components are related to the IT functionalities, business use cases, changes in settings, and the overall backend of the business. All these things are governed by thorough documentation that defines how the assets can be configured. Only then do we go ahead with configuration management tools and automate the whole configuration process.

Extra Focus On Security

One of the key purposes of configuration management is to harden the IT infrastructure or cloud platform. Impressico stresses this security aspect while working on configuration management. We review the existing security configurations and formulate changes to them. But before that, we formulate an overall security policy that you can reuse whenever you spin up similar instances or deal with similar software configuration management tools. Lastly, to harden the IT infrastructure, we place adequate restrictions that allow only authorized users to change the configuration settings. Remember: Most cloud security mishaps happen due to improper security settings.

Configuration Management

We Follow ITIL Best Practices

Identification Of CI

360-Degree Identification Of CI

Identification of configuration items (CI) is at the heart of configuration management. Impressico audits your IT infrastructure to identify CI, their documentation, and owner information. This presents a clear picture to you and us about what items are there that would get included in the configuration policy.

Config Automation

Automation At Its Best

Gone are the days of manual configuration management. Our configuration management personnel leverage Chef, Ansible, and Puppet to automate configuration management using Infrastructure as a Code. This ensures that the management policies are reusable and scalable. So no matter how complex your IT assets are, we can break the configuration management into small coherent parts.

Monitoring and Logging

Monitoring and Logging

Establishing a configuration management policy is not the end of the whole process. To ensure adherence to the policy, there should be a proper tracking and logging system in place. At Impressico, we further harden the configurations by making sure that system administrators get alerted in case of any configuration change. You can also keep track of all the changes to CIs.

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