Breathe Life To Your Containers With Kubernetes

Containers are packaged applications that have all the dependencies. However, they still need to talk to each other. You still need to replace unresponsive containers with a new responsive one. You still need to balance out the traffic load. You still need to scale up or down the containers. Don’t you think all these seemingly monotonous yet important tasks should be automated? This is where Kubernetes comes in. Kubernetes orchestrates the containers to ensure that all the containers run with the correct configuration (desired state) all the time.

At Impressico, we help you make sense of the abstracted services provided by Kubernetes DevOps tools. Our certified experts help your team deploy cloud-native applications running as containers and orchestrated by Kubernetes. We handhold you to ensure that your organisation follows all the best practices pertaining to microservice based applications.

Did you know, if you use an Alpine Linux based container image instead of the default one, you will be able to reduce the size of the container by more than 50 per cent?

Kubernetes DevOps tools

Let Us Help You Wrap Your Head Around Kubernetes

Kubernetes services

Are You Finding It Hard To Manage Kubernetes?

Kubernetes aims to solve complex IT problems to move the whole system towards a standardized paradigm. Unfortunately, the price you pay to get the efficiency of Kubernetes is wading through lots and lots of complexities. At Impressico, we simplify Kubernetes for you.

Kubernetes comes with a lot of concepts. What are nodes? How does networking work? What exactly is namespace? How to handle Role-Based Access Control? How do Pods work? The rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper. Impressico Kubernetes company lets you enjoy the benefits of K8s, but you don’t have to worry about the complexities!

Scale Your Application Freely

One of the reasons people use Kubernetes is that it gives your application the strength to spread wings. With abstracted infrastructure and its optimized usage, K8s do away with the problem of scaling an application. Our systems engineers certified in DevOps tools that Kubernetes depends on will help your organization move towards microservices with CI/CD at the core. Kubernetes just accelerates this process of being more agile. Did you know you can run Jenkins as a Kubernetes workload? Let Impressico help you do that.


Modern Solution To Modern Problems


Let’s Start from the Beginning

Kubernetes is only useful if your applications are containerised. So at Impressico, we don’t jump right into Kubernetes. We modernize your legacy applications to be containerized and deployed as standalone microservices. Our Docker experts create Docker images for your applications to reside in with all the necessary configurations in place.

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No More Rude Surprises

One of the reasons we at Impressico love Kubernetes is that the replica set system in Kubernetes automates the rollout and rollback functions. So even if you push any bad code to production, you can easily and automatically roll back to the previous state of the application. Come, let’s show you the flexibility of Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Assistance

Kubernetes Assistance

Kubernetes is not a fire-and-forgets kind of system. You have to monitor it constantly. Impressico prevents downtime for your organization by monitoring Kubernetes on behalf of you. No more slow pods. No more security nightmare. Kubernetes gives their own IP addresses along with a single DNS to a set of Pods enabling you to balance the load across them.

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