Full-Time Placements

Full Time Placements Services

So you have an open position and want to hire the best candidate.

Annoyingly, the recruitment cycle today is long, tough to navigate, and expensive.
Locating possible candidates ready to change jobs is itself an arduous task. That
achieved, you have to ascertain whether or not the resume you have before you is a
good fit to your job description.

Your travails do not end there. After you have made a job offer, there is no knowing
whether the candidate will accept it, and whether they will actually show up and join
your company. What you need is the help of a placements company.

Full Time Placements

Impressico’s Full Time Placements services ease your burden in two ways.?

  • We have a multitude of sources for finding candidates with different skills, so you don’t have to sift through a thick pile of resumes to find promising fits
  • We match their resumes with the job requirements you provide us

You therefore get a short, manageable list of promising candidates for your position. You can then follow your own organization’s system to select the candidate to whom you will make an employment offer.

Why Come to Us?

Impressico offers placements services that reduce the risk to you in two ways

  • As a placements company we spend a lot of effort in keeping the pipeline full with people having various skills.
  • We provide you with a substitute candidate free of any additional cost if the person you select and offer the job leaves within 3 months of joining.

Need Full Time Placements Services