Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

You may have a project that requires more team members that you have in your pool.
Or the project may need skills that are not available in your company. This is the time
when you need staff augmentation services.

What you don’t want to do is add to your head count permanently for a project that will
last for only a limited duration. Nor do you want to hire people with skills that are
going to be needed only rarely, in a project or two. This is where you need the
capabilities of a staff augmentation company.

Impressico’s staff augmentation services give you the people you need, for the skills
you require, for the term you want. Your employee count never increases because of

Our IT staff augmentation services are suitable for projects of longer durations. These
projects last rather more than the short term projects where you would have sought
temporary staff. Once the period of engagement is over, and the resource
augmentation is no longer needed, the people come back to us with no further
responsibility on your part.

staff augmentation services

Why Come to Us?

  • Come to us for IT staff augmentation services to get the numbers you want to fill up quickly. As a staff augmentation company we spend a lot of effort to keep a pipeline full of people with all kinds of skills.
  • Come to us for resource augmentation to get people with skills you will need only occasionally.

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