Case Study

Product Engineering: Multi-platform App for Centralized Management of Display Panels

Industry: Consumer Goods, Retail and Electronics

About Customer

World’s largest maker of consumer electronics who offers a wide range of products and services. The client’s diverse collection of advanced technologies & solutions can be found throughout Home, Business, Town and around the World.

Business Needs and Challenges

They are one of the leaders in Digital Signage Panels. However, most of the players in the industry for digital signage panels have their own software giving them an edge or independent signage software solutions are providing more robust and advanced features.

They were looking to have a signage solution that competes with the independent software solutions providers in the market providing them an edge over the other Professional Display Vendors having basic software. This would help them offer a complete package solution to their customers at a nominal rate for the software, thereby lowering the customers spend and increasing their market reach.

Impressico’s Solution

Impressico developed a Digital Signage software that is versatile enough to meet the needs of various businesses and industry verticals. Impressico was involved right from envisioning the software to the design, deployment and rollout for various platforms. The software is available on the cloud as “Software as a Service” on AWS platform as well as for customer-owned data centres and for on-premise installations. The CI/CD pipeline manages the release to all platforms and environments for any new upgrades and releases.

The software provides the ability to earn from your investments via their tie-up with the 3rd party Ad platform. This tie-up is seamlessly available via the signage admin interface wherein the customers can define when they want to run their own content and when do they want to use it for advertisements. Reporting capability of both the Signage and 3rd party Ad platform are available within a single interface of Signage.

The software also provides you with the ability to capture demographic data and reports which can then be used to plan for content scheduling.

The signage app is available for Windows, Android and Linux Platforms, and can be managed from anywhere using the Admin interface on the browser.


Benefits (Business and End User)

Salient Features of the Application:

  • Live Centralized Control for panels worldwide
  • Group panels at various sites into different logical groups with same group displaying the same content anywhere in the same time zone
  • Control the content being displayed via approval workflows
  • Create a mix of content – from static images, to live feeds to streaming URLs and HDMI in content
  • Break the panels into multiple spaces for having a simultaneous display of various content
  • Flexible to cater to regional content and social media pages
  • Integrate with various applications and show their reports
  • Flexibility of managing costs by having the setup in-house, private cloud or SAAS

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