Case Study

Mobile Application Development for a Major Sports League

Industry: Sports & Leisure

About Customer

The client is a prominent North American Pro Sports league with one of the wealthiest organized ecosystems of players and fans anywhere in the world.

Business Needs and Challenges

Impressico was the major vendor to build the official mobile application for the League, which keeps its fans updated with all the happenings in the League’s universe along with the live broadcast of games and associated content.

The mobile app was required to go live very quickly as the dates were already determined for the games to begin. There were challenges to complete the new season-specific modules and have them tested well for before going live. The games are viewed by millions of users online on different screen sizes, and subject to a matrix of complex business rules and geographies.

Impressico’s Solution

Impressico was responsible for the application development for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android (phone and tablet) & Windows Phone/Surface, and across both portrait and landscape orientations.

Additionally, Impressico ran the Analytics overhaul for the iOS/Android apps, and changes to video heartbeat logic and inline ads.

A key evolution of the system was Impressico’s implementation of a highly custom, individualized, home page dynamic that took into account all the recommendations for and experiences of the specific user. Impressico was also responsible for live game support to address issues with the apps, if any.



  • Impressico’s solution made it possible for millions of users to be online and watch live games seamlessly, thereby increasing the engagement and user experience for the league’s fans.
  • The mobile app was an engaging way for fans of the league to get a quick update on games and players of their favorite teams; fans could also play in league fantasy games using the application
  • Fans could buy game tickets, and sports merchandise using the application.

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