Case Study

Privacy First Proximity Based Communication Platform Development

Industry: Social Networking

About Customer

The customer is the creator of the first privacy-first proximity-based communication platform for users and their circle. Their platform uses the user’s general proximity, never exact location, to let them know when their friends are nearby or have plans to be in their area. It also lets the user know when great things to do and see as recommended by their friends are nearby.

Business Needs and Challenges

The existing social media platforms are invasive and pay no heed to privacy of the millennial users, and they have gotten fatigued of them.

The users need an out of the world experience through social media app, that helps them connect with their friends real time, make plans whether they are on the move or in their home city, discover new places, store and share their personal experiences and valuable information discreetly; the current apps exist sans these features.

In the current Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing being the norm, the situation has worsened, as it has led to more digital dependence and isolation resulting in people longing for human connection like never before.

There was a need for a user experience centered platform that was different from contemporary social media platforms, one that would allow socially distant users to connect with friends and foster more in person experiences with those closest to them.

Impressico’s Solution

  • iOS App developed using RxSwift
  • Microservices based backend developed using Spring Boot
  • Deployed on AWS
  • PostgreSQL used as database
  • AWS MemCache used for faster retrieval of data


  • The newly built platform put privacy first, the patent-pending system of overlapping circles used general proximity and not exact location to reveal overlaps with friends and spots
  • For a connection to happen with a friend, an invite and acceptance is mandatory; the platform allows the users to turn off their visibility status, it also does not store the location history.
  • The user interface shows what is happening in close physical proximity, through the elegant system of expanding circles showing friends and spots in the user’s circle real time, and also for future planned travels.
  • The platform allows users to connect in-person with their closest friends by allowing them to adjust the radius, see who is nearby, chat with them and meet in-person.
  • Spots feature allows deeper discovery and goes beyond crowd-sourced websites by providing high quality, relevant suggestions from user’s close friends, using their current proximity and planned travel.

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