IT Staffing

We Find the People

You need to serve your clients. You have to deliver projects without bugs, you have to
deliver them on time. And you need to have the right talent to be able to do this every
single time.

It is getting harder and harder and taking longer and longer to locate, attract and hire
competent IT professionals. The increasing diversity of technology, and the multitude
of skills required to execute the complex projects of today does not make it any easier.

Our IT staffing Services includes a range of solutions to ensure you can assemble the
right team to deliver your projects, all the time.

Having implemented IT projects for over a 150 happy clients across geographies in the
20 years of our existence, we thoroughly understand what it takes to do an IT project
successfully. This is the experience we bring to bear for you when you use our IT
staffing services.

As an IT staffing company, count on us to

  • Fill skill gaps, when you need knowledgeable people — whether in older, less used or in newer, in-demand technologies
  • Fill gaps in sheer numbers, when you need many people for a large project
  • Shrink fulfillment times, when you need people quickly to handle peaks or unexpected work spikes in your project
  • Relieve your commitment burdens, when you need people for short periods or for uncertain durations

We can handle your requirements for people in

  • Backend Services and Database
  • Mobile App Development
  • Frontend-Apps and UI
  • Data analytics and BI solutions
  • IoT Systems Development
  • Integration Services and many more

There are three engagement models that we operate under:

Temporary Staffing

We provide people with your desired skill set for short periods.

Staff Augmentation

We provide people with the requisite skills for an agreed upon duration that is longer
than that can use temporary staff.

Full Time Employment

We provide people with the requisite skills and you offer them regular full-time

Why Impressico?

Once we have worked with you, you will not want to go anywhere else. That is the best reason for choosing Impressico as your IT staffing services partner.

But there are more

  • We are easy to do business with
  • We spend a lot of effort in maintaining a pipeline of talented people
  • We use predictive analytics to forecast demand for different skills to stay ahead of the curve.
  • We have long experience in serving staffing requirements in the US, Canada and India.

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