Top 5 Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions For Your Company

Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions For Your Company
May 20, 2022 Comment:0 Business Intelligence

Data is at the heart of modern business and organizations. We’re talking about data that accumulates day in and day out. It refers to as big data. Data that grows daily has no tactical or strategic value to a firm on its own. However, when that data is processed and analyzed to uncover trends, patterns, and other helpful insights. It transforms into a valuable asset for a business or organization.

Extracted data can give you useful insights into what is going on inside and outside your organization, which you can use to make important decisions. You can also take business intelligence services to get valuable insights from big data.

The top five business intelligence solutions are:

1. Sisense

Sisense is a multi-award-winning business intelligence platform that includes all of the tools you’ll need to prepare, analyze, and visualize complex data.


  • Accurate and real-time data analysis
  • Managing the entire scope of BI duties and processes.
  • With its quick engine and end-to-end functionality, it has the shortest time-to-insight.
  • It is simple to share insights with your staff, clients, and partners.

2. GoodData

GoodData is an all-encompassing cloud analytics platform. It combines enterprise-level security, scalability, performance, and advanced analytics to give the customer and operational insights, expedite sales and identify revenue opportunities.


  • Insights into operations that improve decision-making.
  • Analytics embedded in software creates new revenue streams.
  • Analytical Designer empowers business users to do their data exploration.
  • Increase productivity by leveraging collective learning across the cloud environment.

3. Looker

Looker is a well-known business intelligence tool that excels in data discovery. It takes an innovative approach to data exploration by examining data with a SQL understanding.


  • Filtering, pivoting, and building visualizations and dashboards are all self-service options.
  • Most processes have simple, self-intuitive code.
  • Personalized workplaces enable the assignment of roles such as Administrators, Users, and Developers.

4. Domo

Domo allows you to view data in real-time from a single dashboard. Its interface, dashboard widgets, and displays are excellent and visually appealing, with innovative data displays such as sparklines, trend indicators, and multi-part widgets.


  • Simple data access via a diverse range of data connection options.
  • Effective visualizations that allow you to visualize your data in any way you wish.
  • Completely mobile-optimized for use at any time and from any location.
  • The platform collects insights from people’s interactions, context, interests, and behavior.

5. Tableau

Tableau is a well-known self-service analytics tool. It is available in three variants an internet platform, a desktop client for analysts, and a server version for organizations. Whatever platform you select, you will receive a comprehensive system with cutting-edge features to assist you in understanding and visualizing company data.


  • Connection to several data sources is quick and uncomplicated. Hence, data analysis becomes fast.
  • The intuitive and straightforward interface allows data analysis with a few simple drag-and-drop operations.
  • Advanced collaboration enables group analytics with the majority of functionality.

A Business intelligence solution company uses these tools for analytics, reporting, and visualization purpose. Valuable insights from data help learn customer behavior, improve lead generation, and many more.