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Is Cloud Computing the Key to Business Growth?

Cloud computing solutions for businesses will never go out of style. Cloud-based business solutions are simple to integrate into existing business processes. Companies are seeking cloud services due to the fact that they provide low-cost solutions for businesses. Whatever type of business you have, cloud services have the best solutions for you. From the private… Read More »Is Cloud Computing the Key to Business Growth?

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How Cloud Computing Benefits Your Business

Cloud computing has been in use for a couple of decades, and, despite evidence pointing to the business efficiency, cost benefits, and competitive advantage it offers, the majority of the business world is still operating without cloud computing. According to research conducted by the International Data Group, 69 percent of companies are using cloud computing… Read More »How Cloud Computing Benefits Your Business

What is Sustainable Software

What is Sustainable Software, and How Does it Help You?

Sustainable software engineering is a new area where climate science, software, hardware, electricity markets, and data center designs intersect. The concept of sustainability has three pillars: ecological, economic, and social. In short, for software sustainability, all of the direct and indirect- environmental, economic, and social implications need to be considered. In addition, the entire software… Read More »What is Sustainable Software, and How Does it Help You?

Cloud Computing

Security Threat In Cloud Computing

Cloud computing simply referred to as ‘the cloud’ is a type of internet-based computing that delivers on-demand computing resources (applications, storage, servers, bandwidth, etc.) to multiple end-users who can get these resources on a pay-for-use basis with minimal management effort.  Cloud computing follows a utility-style costing model where organizations consume computational resources and pay for… Read More »Security Threat In Cloud Computing


Edge Computing Vs.Cloud Computing

With the increasing popularity and spread of the Internet of Things (IoT), more computing power and large amounts of data are generated at the periphery of computer networks. Previously, the data generated by the IoT devices was transmitted to a network server located in a central location. After the data is processed, additional tasks are… Read More »Edge Computing Vs.Cloud Computing

Edge Computing

Edge Computing and Its Applications in Various Industries

With the ever-increasing pace at which IT (information technology) is evolving, its role and importance in making businesses more agile, robust and competitive is coming more sharply into focus. And edge computing is at the forefront of the most hotly anticipated technologies that is a point to play a centralized role in making modern businesses… Read More »Edge Computing and Its Applications in Various Industries

DevOps Vs DevSecOps

What Is The Difference Between Devops And Devsecops?

DevOps is a methodology that is primarily designed to establish closer cooperation, synergy, and coordination between the system administrators and software developers during the development of software. DevOps (Development Operations) is an innovative development method entrusted with the task of enhancing the predictability, efficiency, and security of entire software development to the highest level possible.… Read More »What Is The Difference Between Devops And Devsecops?