Dispelling Myths and Smooth Transition from Traditional to Modern BI

Traditional to Modern BI
March 26, 2021 Comment:0 Business Intelligence

To match up with the modern demands, you must be planning to shift from traditional to modern BI. Do you find it a complex and muddled situation? You must be confused about where to start or several myths have disillusioned you like unworthiness, expensiveness, or time-consuming aspects. But the fact is something else, modern BI software like Tableau has just created gateways for many users to explore several unknown yet impactful real-time insights. Self-service BI nowadays helps the business users in getting useful insights and also enables them to grab and share meaningful data and all the possible visualizations.

While there are multiple benefits of modern BI, yet many organizations are not in a situation to make a shift from traditional to modern BI. In this blog, we have aimed to kick out the myths of modern BI so that implementing it can be a smoother process.

Myth 1

Traditional BI has all the visual analysis and data exploration features

No, that’s not true. Many of the traditional BI tools have an old-aged process that needs manual intervention for accurate visualization. Adding, deleting, or adjusting something gets dependent on the IT team’s intervention and it obstructs the insightfulness and visualization.

On the other hand, modern BI solutions are smart tools and loaded with unlimited and quick self-service data exploration capabilities. Hence, no manual intervention or IT team dependence is required. Along with AI-driven features of modern BI help the users to explore the unexplored data insights.

Myth 2

Modern BI is similar to traditional BI platforms

No way, traditional BI can be evaluated with the features of modern BI. It is the same as comparing a journey travelled by train and an airplane. Both will help you to reach the same destination but the process, time consumed and experience will differ. Here are some points worth considering when buying modern BI tools –

1. Role of the IT team in the process of fetching data insights?
2. Does it scale up and out easily when required?
3. Is it user-friendly? Are users able to search and find answers to deep questions easily?
4. Does it provide training to a vendor?
5. Are vendors successfully fixing the technical issues?
6. Does it contain transparent licensing options?

Myth 3

Shifting to Modern BI is not justified

This is nothing apart from being the initial anxiety when investing time and money in modern BI.

Modern business analytic tools have immense capabilities to transform your business. Using it with a proper strategy, you will start getting faster results. With new insights, you will be able to make considerable decisions faster. Choosing a reliable partner will help you gain the real benefits of investing in next-gen BI platforms like Tableau.

Myth 4

Transition to modern BI is too complicated

With some anticipated roadblocks, dead-ends, or speed bumps, it is a legitimate concern to get worried somewhat. It is also not viable to keep the internal resources away from the strategic tasks for a longer period. But all these worries get sorted out when you have the right Tableau partner. With the right skills and expertise, they can help you with the smooth transition process.

A confident transition from traditional to modern BI becomes a happy going and smoother process by partnering with us. Our team of experienced data scientists is ready to get away from these myths and explore the unexplored. It’s time to join hands with us and cope up with the modern data challenges.