How Quality Assurance Services Help your Business Succeed

Quality Assurance
August 30, 2022 Comment:0 Software Services

Quality of software defines success of the product as well as business. This article shares top benefits of thorough QA and testing process for business growth.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance Testing or QA testing tests whether the software complies with the quality standards that are specific to it. Software quality assurance is the process of evaluating the software’s features as well as usability, performance, and security, among other things. QA testing also involves examining the integrity of the procedure that is used to create the software, test it, and then release the software. Therefore, QA is an essential part of quality management that focuses on ensuring confidence among business executives and other stakeholders, as well as externally to government agencies, customer regulators, and other third-party customers.

According to Wikipedia, quality assurance (QA) helps to prevent mistakes and errors in the production of products and prevents issues in the delivery of products or services to clients. ISO 9000 defines QA as part of quality management focusing on ensuring that the quality standards will be met.

The benefits of using QA test services

Ensures proper procedures are followed:

Utilizing QA testing, companies can assure that their software is created and tested following appropriate processes throughout the entire lifecycle of software development (SDLC).

It ensures that the software is bug-free:

QA testing assures that software is not contaminated by bugs because the product is thoroughly tested with QA testers.

Improves product quality:

QA teams conduct testing and audits, process monitoring, and product evaluations to improve the overall quality of the product.

Retain brand image:

Through the use of QA testing, companies can improve the quality of their product and produce bugs-free software that improves their image and provides better customer service.


QA testing assures that the software has been constructed and tested and is free of security loopholes which in turn improve the security functions of the application.

Improves customer satisfaction:

Tests for quality assurance ensure that the program is equipped with all the features needed that are functional, which increases customer satisfaction.

What’s the importance of quality assurance across the leading industries of 2022?

The significance of Quality Assurance

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI):

At the present, the BFSI sector heavily relies on technology for digital transformation and requires high-quality applications to offer a top customer experience which is done by using the QA testing process. Some other elements that determine QA testing requirements in the BFSI sector are:

  • BFSI applications typically include a multi-tier, or N-tier, architecture with multiple app layers which require QA testing validation.
  • BFSI applications must have proper integration with third-party apps as well as payment gateways. This requires testing for quality assurance.
  • BFSI industry must ensure that there is the absence of any app-related downtime or server outages. This is made possible by effective testing of QA.
  • You must conduct a QA test of BFSI applications to make sure there aren’t security holes in the app that cyber criminals could exploit.
  • Furthermore, BFSI apps must comply with open banking standards, regulatory compliances, and accessibility standards for web content which are made possible by efficient QA tests.


The demand for highly-performing eCommerce apps is growing rapidly. A small glitch in an eCommerce application can dramatically reduce sales or cause a loss of customer/visitors or revenue declines and much more. This is why QA testing is crucial for retail and eCommerce applications. Other reasons include:

  • QA testing assures an uninterrupted eCommerce app cart experience for price fluctuations that occur suddenly discounts, special offers, or any time a new item is added to your shopping cart.
  • To ensure proper display of the page, correct app navigation, and functional links, testing QA is crucial.
  • Additionally, eCommerce applications must function flawlessly on all platforms, devices, and OS to attract new customers. This also requires QA testing.
  • eCommerce applications need to be secured as they contain the sensitive information of customers such as their phone numbers, banking details, card numbers, etc. which should be secured through the use of QA testing.
  • Testing for QA ensures eCommerce applications comply with WCAG guidelines to guarantee easy access to apps for everyone.


It is important to note that the Telecom industry plays an important part in keeping the world connected. As apps are interconnected they must function seamlessly that is why QA testing is required. A few other reasons why the telecom industry requires QA testing are:

  • Telecom applications are usually complex and comprise a variety of API layers that require validation. This can be done through testing for QA.
  • The Telecom industry is faced complex tasks like network configuration, inventory of networks, fault management as well as service provisioning. These tasks require the right tests for quality assurance.
  • By using security testing, telecom companies can be assured that their applications are safe from security flaws and vulnerabilities.
  • Additionally testing for QA can aid telecom companies in optimizing their time-to-market and reduce the number of complaints from customers.


The healthcare industry handles important patient data and must make sure that healthcare, pharma, and other apps are secure from security loopholes and bugs that require efficient QA testing. The other reasons that the healthcare industry requires QA testing are:

  • Testing for QA is essential for the functional validation of applications for healthcare
  • Healthcare apps have access for all users even those with disabilities. This can be achieved by using accessibility testing for QA.
  • Healthcare professionals can guarantee quick loading time as well as efficient navigation of apps along with seamless interoperability of apps across all devices and OS through QA testing.
  • The healthcare industry is flooded with data, and there is a need to organize and store information correctly, and this requires big data testing, which is an essential component of testing QA.

Transportation and Logistics:

Logistics is an integral part of the supply chain in all industries and is always being pressured to deliver goods quicker. Because of the rapid technological advances, the logistics sector is required to implement disruptive methods of QA to ensure constant improvements, improved communication as well as better visibility, and quicker delivery. The reasons this industry requires QA testing are:

  • By QA testing, the logistics and travel business can prevent communications issues that can result in deaths, delays in delivery, insufficient supplies, and even loss of business reputation, clients, and cash.
  • QA testing can also enhance the performance of logistical companies.
  • Security weaknesses can be detected and eliminated from the logistics and associated software using Security testing.
  • The logistics industry heavily relies on technology and is embracing cloud-based applications rapidly. QA testing is essential to ensure proper operation security and data transfer from storage on physical devices to cloud applications.

QA best Practices

Ensure continuous monitoring:

It ensures continuous control of SDLC method to assure that agreed protocols and standards observed as the software is developed.

Include risk management:

To have a reliable QA process, testers should be able to incorporate risk management along with other processes related to it to determine the risk, evaluate, prioritize, keep track of, and manage the risks.

Check for compliance with industrial standards:

Testers for quality assurance must ensure whether product complies with all compliance requirements and industry standards using tests for compliance.

Prioritize bugs based upon the risk and use:

Bugs should be prioritized based on risk and use before fixing.

Make sure you test all through your SDLC:

Testers should conduct QA tests across the SDLC to eliminate bugs as soon as they can.

Automated regression suite:

Testers need to automate regression process to make that regression tests are automated every time changes to software are made. This automated regression system makes sure that there are no issues with the software, even when code is changed frequently.


Businesses today require high-quality products to provide better customer experience and beat competitors. Quality assurance is a reliable method of ensuring the high quality of the products and services and can help save time, money, and energy by preventing the occurrence of defects within the software once QA teams spot the issues. Impressico Business Solutions helps enterprises to achieve their quality targets by leveraging our testing resources and expertise. With years of experience in testing, we ensure our client’s services drives perfectly.