Reap The Benefits of Cloud: Outsource to an AWS Consulting Partner

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September 4, 2020 Comment:1 Cloud Services

The huge benefit in terms of cost that cloud computing can deliver is enticing more and more companies to migrate additional resources to the cloud. This also includes bringing into the loop cloud AWS consulting companies for managed services.

A recent survey by a top IT magazine revealed that 80 percent of organizations have moved one or more application or infrastructure components to the cloud. Additionally, 30 percent said that they will be increasing their cloud computing budget to a considerable extent in the near future.

One primary benefit of hiring the services of an established AWS outsourcing company is that it frees the IT resources of a company to concentrate on its core competencies.

Previously managing IT was overwhelmingly concerned with the maintenance and upkeep of servers and data centers; outsourcing these resources to cloud platforms like AWS gives them enough time to concentrate on devising strategies to provide better service to their organization’s customers. This, in turn, generates consumer loyalty and enhances the revenue and profit of an organization.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud services platform which offers an organization a plethora of resources to help businesses scale and grow. Cloud resources include computing power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality as and when your business needs them.

Taking your business to the cloud also is hugely beneficial in terms of security as remote servers or cloud computing services providers are stored in highly secure data centres. With the critical importance of data in a highly competitive business environment, your business must be assured of data security all the time.

Outsourcing AWS Consulting Services on the Rise

Moving onto the cloud allows your business to focus on your core competencies. This, in turn, is prompting more and more companies to outsource services as well as the infrastructure to AWS Consulting providers.

Website Channel E2E predicts that AWS managed services will grow to a whopping $350 billion by the end of 2020. Analysts at Technavio point to “a shift towards service-oriented architecture as one of the primary factors impacting the growth of this market.”

Businesses are increasingly realizing that it makes more sense to migrate to the cloud instead of managing and maintaining their own highly complex and difficult to run data centres. Primary benefits of managed services include:

Hands-on infrastructure management

To get the most out of Amazon Web Services (AWS), you need to possess a high level of expertise in AWS. Services like access control, system configuration, resource optimization, security and patch management, automation, and disaster recovery among others are separate areas of specialization in their own right.

It is therefore imperative that you hire the services of a qualified AWS consulting service provider that has the manpower and resources to efficiently take care of all aspects of cloud hosting.

Continuing business evolution backing

One of the major benefits of cloud computing is it’s incredibly high level of scalability. The cloud flourishes on change and for good measure. Businesses operating in a highly dynamic business environment are prone to evolve at a rapid rate. For example, traffic to an e-commerce website will experience a sudden spike during festive seasons. An organization as such will have to bring in additional resources to manage that extra traffic.

All the additional resources so bought will become redundant once the traffic goes back to normal. This is one scenario where cloud computing proves to be highly advantageous. You can just demand additional resources when the situation demands and give them back when they are no longer needed. Managed service providers with deep expertise working in AWS environments will help you make your infrastructure more dynamic and proficient.

Cloud operations management

There is much more to the cloud rather than just infrastructure management.  It also concerns itself with people and processes. Individual roles and responsibilities need to be categorized and distributed to ensure the right person is handing the right job. AWS partners can carry out an entire gamut of activities ranging from training internal staff to define processes that will lead to the successful implementation of mission-critical functions.

Contractual agreements that structure responsibilities

Failing to plan is planning to fail. It is of utmost importance that you are always ready for unforeseen and unfortunate events. When it comes to the cloud, you need to factor in things like disaster management, online recovery, response time, downtime, availability, data accessibility, authorization, etc. It’s vital to involve your IT team when formulating services levels to ensure that expectations and responsibilities are clear from both sides.

Summing Up

Google Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, and AWS or Amazon Web Services are the most recognized names in cloud platforms. AWS is the biggest amongst these giants and the most preferable for most businesses because it offers a practical, user-friendly, and easy to customize solution to cloud-based technology.

A good AWS Consultancy service can support your business in fully leveraging the strength of migrating to the cloud.